Why Should You Choose Ethical SEO Practises?

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White hat SEO (or ethical SEO, if you prefer) is sometimes believed to be less effective than black-hat SEO. Advocates of black hat SEO have even claimed that by employing black hat, they can easily outrank any white hat SEO site. While it is true that Black Hat approaches can have a more fast and dramatic influence on a site's Google ranking, this must be balanced against the danger that, if detected, the site may be penalized or banned entirely.

This is not even considering any moral issues with black hat SEO. Even if the shady SEO techniques used are not detectable by Google at present, some black hatters seem to take that to mean that they can get away with dodgy dealings...

This argument is flawed! Sooner or later, the chances are that Google will detect their exploits and act accordingly. For instance, Google decided to try to target people selling links to manipulate PageRank for their clients. Many people have since lost their own PageRank because of this.

Link selling is often considered a grey hat by many, so imagine what would happen to a site that got caught committing what Google would consider a real black hat! (Such as cloaked pages etc.)

Even if white hat SEO techniques may take longer to have an effect, long-term ethical SEO is the best option for most sites. Positions gained through ethical SEO are more likely to be maintained for longer bring you better quality traffic.

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