Liven Up Your Home Cooking with Korean Sauces

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If you love to cook and make spicy foods, you might be shopping at a Korean market to find the spice blends and sauces you love. They continue to grow in popularity with the explosion of interest in spicy foods, and many culinary experts agree Korea gets spicy right. Everyone who enjoys hot-and-spicy flavors should try making Korean food at home because the flavor profiles are nuanced and complex. The tastes pack heat but aren't overpowering for the sake of being hot. Once you begin cooking with Korean sauces and marinades, you can add them to many other dishes that you make; there are no rules. 

The first foray into Korean food comes with BBQ, either traditional or LA style, for many people. You can select from a range of sauces, each unique to give your barbecue a perfectly zesty taste. Trying different sauces until you decide on a favorite is an excellent idea because the only way to know for sure is to taste them. Flavoring pastes are popular among Korean cooks, similar to Thai cuisine. They always add flavor and often bring a spicy taste. Red pepper flavors are among the favorites, and you can increase (or decrease) the amount used to suit your tastes. Many people enjoy foods full-on spicy. 

You'll find some fun and exciting choices in the tea and coffee aisle at a Korean supermarket. Some of the most unusual are teas made from corn and barley. It's a switch from traditional black tea and an interesting one to try. Korean coffee is also a global sensation, and people everywhere love it. It's a form of instant coffee that comes ready-made with sweetener and creamer. Convenience and an enjoyable taste are the advantages. You'll also find herbal tea and medicinal ones you can brew for various health benefits. Many herbal varieties are naturally caffeine-free and are soothing at bedtime.

Umami flavor – the fifth human taste that's savory or savory-sweet – is in abundance in the products at a Korean market. Items rich in the amino acids that produce it include a range of seafood-based sauces and soy sauce. It's why everything tastes better when you add umami. There are even organic products that are soy sauce alternatives that are umami-rich. You can use them in your cooking as you choose, and everything you serve will be more flavorful. If you want to lose weight or eat a healthier diet, one of the best ways to do it is to cook and eat at home. You can control the ingredients and portion size.