Landscaping Is Good for Your Business

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If you own or manage a store or office where customers and clients visit, maintaining it well is necessary. The appearance of your building, parking lot, and lawn make the first impression on arriving customers and anyone who drives past. If you're on Hawaii Island, finding the company with the best commercial landscaping Kona has available is a priority. When you can find a single contractor with all the outdoor maintenance services you need, it's helpful for your budget. Excellent lawn care is only the beginning for contractors that also maintain shrubs and trees along with mowing and trimming.


If you're building a new commercial facility or taking over an existing one in need of a spruce up, working with an expert landscape designer is a wise idea. They can talk to you about all of your options and help plan the installation of the proper plants to suit the local climate. Designers know more about how things look when fully grown and can help avoid overplanting. It's easier on your budget and saves revisions later. Shrub maintenance also has an annual cost, and when you overplant, you increase those costs every year. Business is about money, and you want to spend yours wisely.


To beautiful commercial properties, many parking facilities have landscaped islands throughout. They need to appear nicely planted and maintained but don't need to be heavily planted. If yours need revision, seek a designer's help, and you'll make wiser choices. Some image-driven businesses also have specific aesthetics that landscape design can support. Planting flowers in the company colors is one obvious possibility, but there are many others to consider. If you've tried to have in-house staff maintain the landscaping, you may be disappointed by their work and equipment cost.


If your commercial property has a large lawn that requires care, look for a contractor that can provide fertilizing, weed control, and dethatching along with the weekly mowing and trimming. A manicured lawn speaks volumes to customers and passers-by about your company. It's also worth noting that while clients may not mention it, they notice and are aware. Power washing outdoor walkways and furniture that accumulate algae over time are also crucial. It's an appearance and safety issue that you want to avoid with scheduled service. It's an accepted fact that well-maintained businesses are thriving.