Boekel Scientific OEM Manufacturers of Laboratory Equipment Since 1868.

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Boekel Scientific has been a world leader in laboratory equipment since 1868. OEM manufacturers of blood banking equipment, platelet incubators and shakers.

Experiments that need to grow biological cell cultures in conditions that mimic the human body require CO2 incubator of the highest quality and reliability. They’re essential pieces of equipment in life sciences laboratories and create optimal conditions for biological cell growth. Their sealed, climate-controlled design is essential for these lab experiments. They rely on infrared sensors to measure CO2 levels so that they can be maintained evenly. Significant advances have been made in CO2 incubators to improve their efficiency and reliability. Experience has shown how they can be optimized for each use.


Along with the addition or programmable digital controls, much emphasis has been placed on improving the accuracy of the sensing devices required. As they continue to advance in their design and reliability, the incubators perform better for a variety of needs. They also come with many of the options and features of other types of incubators as they are improved and made more sophisticated. Laboratory equipment manufacturers stress quality and warranties in demonstrating their improvement to customers. As more choices arrive on the market, it’s more important than ever to learn the options.


The ability of CO2 incubators to balance to pH of cultures is its expansion of the capabilities of other microbiology incubators. CO2 gas is allowed into the interior to keep pH levels consistent along with controlled temperature and moisture levels in a sterile environment. Given their complexity and the need for highly accurate performance, the average lifespan of CO2 incubators today is placed around 10 years. Some higher quality models may deliver reliable performance for longer lifespans, depending on how they are used. If you’ve had one in your lab for some time that’s performed well, it may continue.


As biomedical research becomes more complex and demanding. Your laboratory equipment including CO2 incubators needs to keep up. Digital controls that provide more accurate and automatic monitoring and functioning can be times savers. Thigs that might have been done manually in the days of analog machines can be programmed in the digital era. It’s helped labs stretched thin on budgets increase their workflow without causing undue stress. HEPA filtration to capture contaminants and dust continuously also has made today’s units more useful in producing accurate results. Incremental improvements help.